Cosmetic Acupuncture

No one can resist aging process. Due to skin changes are among the most visible signs of aging, many are having trouble accepting new appearance with wrinkles. The clinic uses acupuncture treatment which has very effective on increasing skin tightness and lifting effect. The acupuncture treatment also applied to wrinkles erasing. Benefits from cosmetic acupuncture are skin rejuvenation, erasing wrinkles, having brighter skin and natural look after treatments.

Detox Program

Toxin in the body causes every illness. Eliminating toxin in the body could help maintaining healthy life and losing weight. What is detox? Toxin could be everywhere in the water, food, and air originated from heavy metal, pesticide, herbicide, radiation, artificial flavor enhancer, germs, bacteria, etc. Among the toxin, some water soluable toxin can be excreted by body metabolism. But fat-soluable toxin binds with fat cells in the body to create more fat cells and fat deposit. Detox diet is the safest way to excrete all forms of toxin. Old cells, cells with malfunction, inflammation, fat in blood could be decomposed and excreted. In the result of getting.

Beauty & Detox Program

Cosmetic Acupuncture & Facial Acupuntyre by Asian Medicine “No artificial plastic surgery required to be more beautiful.” “We will help you to find natural beauty and rejuvenation with Asian medicine.” Have you known that one of the greatest Chinese philosophers Confucius invested lots of time for his appearance? According to record, Confucius massages each part of his face with skills of Taoist training methods before he went to bed and after he got up in the morning. It is for better blood circulation and Qui circulation to delay aging process which appearing on his face. Younger look and healthy life is everyone’s wish including the great philosopher like Confucius. Aging.



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