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    New Patient Referral Program

    Starling from September 9, 2019, existing patients will receive a complimentary follow-up acupuncture treatment for every new patient that they refer to the clinic. To be eligible, the patient must be new to the clinic and successfully schedule and complete their first regular acupuncture appointment prior to receiving credit. Contact the clinic for more details since certain restrictions may apply.

Welcome to Kang`s Family Acupuncture

Clinic in Sterling Heights

I understand that basic idea of Asian Medicine is considering a human as a part of big nature and helps patient by maximizing his/her power of self healing. I will do my best to find the root cause of patient conditions and most effective ways to help and promote patient’s self healing power

Our Clinic

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Kang`s Family Acupuncture is Healthy Acupuncture

We focus on three things that are most important to your health.


Analyzing constitutions and origin of diseases + gau-sha + acupuncture + herb remedies + special treatment —> healing and recovering/optimizing self healing power


Acupuncture can work at preventing various health conditions and diseases before they happen.


Specialized Treatment for Male and Female with Climacterium | Pain Management | Diabetes and High Blood Pressure | Gynecology | Plastic surgery by Asian Medicine, etc.


Kang`s Family Acupuncture treats and prevents illnesses using acupuncture, holistic treatments and herbal medicine, safely encouraging your body to heal itself. Our doctors, acupuncturists and herbal practitioners focus on you as a unique person—your body, mind, lifestyle, spirit.



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